Family Reels After Married Dad Vanishes for 16 Years, Reappears Gay


Eric Myers' 'Reset'

"By all accounts it was a reset, it was a, you know, take a deep breath, let's assess what's going on, get away from the situation and maybe come back and see what happens. But of course that's not what happened," said Anglen.

There were some hints of foul play as authorities searched for Myers, but they all became dead ends. Eric Myers had completely vanished.

"A healthy, successful American man with a wife and five kids just fell off the face of the earth," said Anglen. "They find out that he checked out of his hotel on the first day of the conference, but continued going. But nobody knows where he is, nobody knows where he went."

Myers' family was left reeling. His youngest daughter was devastated. She said she cried herself to sleep every night for weeks.

"I remember screaming that I wanted him back," said Kirsten Myers Ruggiano.

Ruggiano and her sister were 8 and 10 at the time of their father's disappearance. "I think probably because of my age -- and because I was the youngest -- I think it's safe to say I took it the hardest," said Ruggiano.

But where did Eric Myers go, and how could he leave his wife and children behind?

Eric says he was robbed on the last day of his San Diego business trip, then spent the night in a seedy motel with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket. He says the next morning he woke up and in a swirling moment of emotional despair headed south, to Mexico.

He says the details of his trip are hazy but he remembers crossing the border in Tijuana and buying a bus ticket to Cabo San Lucas. Cabo, with its warm sandy beaches, provided a total escape from a life which he says held a secret that would shake his religious roots to their core.

"At 6 years old, I knew I was attracted, drawn very heavily toward other people my same sex," said Myers.

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