Robert Champion's Parents Sue FAMU For Hazing Death


"The focus isn't on denigrating FAMU," he said. "Obviously the president has stepped own, [and] perhaps that means there's a brighter day at FAMU. We applaud the changes."

Robert Champion Sr. echoed Chestnut's approval.

" I believe that we have to clean the house and start from the top and clean all the way to the bottom," he said.

"Our whole goal here is to make sure no one else has to go through what we've gone through and in order to do that there needs to be some accountability," Pamela Champion said.

She denounced the practice of hazing and said there is "no need" for it.

"Let's eradicate hazing across the board," she said. "We need everybody walking to the same drumbeat."

Chestnut said prosecutors are "vigorously prosecuting the case" and that the addition of more defendants is possible as the case progresses.

Thirteen FAMU band members have been charged in relation to Champion's death. Eleven of the band members face felony hazing charges and the other two face misdemeanor hazing charges. The defendants have pleaded not guilty.

In May, over 2,000 pages of evidence from the investigation into Champion's death were released by the Florida District Attorney's Office, which delivered a blow-by-blow of the events from the night of Robert Champion's death.

Champion endured a lethal pummeling down the aisle of a pitch-black bus that rocked from the force of the violence inside, according to the documents.

Champion struggled, with a female band member holding him back to prolong the punishment, through a gauntlet of band mates who used their fists, feet, straps and sticks to pound him into unconsciousness.

Chestnut and the Champions are scheduled to speak at a press conference outside the Orange County Courthouse on Wednesday afternoon.

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