Fist Pump Cost High School a Football Championship


Cathedral High School Lost Title Over Fist Pump

As for Matt Owens, the student at the heart of this matter, Lynch would only say, "Matt is doing great. He is a great kid. Our team is extremely supportive of him and his coach told him, 'You played your heart out and you did nothing wrong.' Yesterday he showed up at basketball trials."

Even though it sounds like Owens may have moved on, others are having a harder time. Video of the controversial call has been posted on YouTube and talk radio in Boston is heating up with angry calls pouring in demanding to know why a seemingly simple gesture -- a raised arm -- could result in so many dashed hopes. Owen's father, Kenneth Owens, told the Boston Herald that he hand delivered a letter to the MIAA asking for an explanation.

In the end, even though Lynch would like to hear back from the MIAA on what he calls the "misinterpretation" of the unsportsmanlike-conduct rule, he doesn't really expect anything to change.

"I'm not looking to take anything away from Blue Hills. I don't know if they deserved to win, but I do know we didn't deserve to lose."

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