Florida Radiologist Champions Suspect in Holloway, Flores Cases


Although Hamer denies that she is interested in a relationship with the accused killer, she admits she has dipped into her retirement fund to pay for part of his legal fees and her travel to Peru. "When he asks for help I help him," Hamer said simply.

Hamer is divorced and has no children. She lives in a small apartment and drives an 8-year-old car.

She says she has a fundamental belief in second chances and the basic goodness of all people. "I believe in him as a person irrespective of his guilt or innocence. I don't believe in hating people," said Hamer.

Van der Sloot isn't the only cause Hamer has taken up in the past few years. "I am fighting for the native American Indians. I am fighting for the dolphins in the Gulf who were killed because of the oil spill. I am fighting for animal rights, human rights and the planet earth," said Hamer.

She plans to fight on in the van der Sloot case, despite the odds, though her comments can seem outlandish.

"I have petitioned the Peruvian President and President Obama to release Joran to me for a 10-year Ghandi program. After which I have no doubt that he will present is thesis and it will win the Nobel Peace Prize," she said.

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