Fountain-Falling Texter in Court for Alleged Theft


Marrero said she embarrassed after the incident.

"I was like, 'I'm hoping nobody saw me. So let me just walk away,'" she said.

A woman checked on Marrero after the fall but no one from mall security followed up, she said.

She said they arrived 20 minutes after she left.

Fountain Fall Goes Viral

Marrero, who works at a store in the Berkshire mall in Wyomissing, admitted that she laughed, too, at first. But after being laughed at by millions, she said, no one has taken her feelings into consideration.

She learned that her fall went viral from her nephew, who called to tell her it was on YouTube.

"Holding Those Accountable"

"Nobody called ... 'Are you ok?'" she said. "It shows in the video nobody went to my aid."

Marrero's husband, Walter, said security officials should have helped her.

"They should have responded to that immediately; they didn't know if she got hurt," he said.

Cathy Marrero agreed. "It could have been anybody's mother. It could have been a senior citizen falling ... and would they have gotten the same treatment as I did?"

On the raw video, voices can be heard discussing her fall: "Oh, my God, play it back, play it back."

At one point the tape is played back and viewed from a different camera.

Marrero believes the voices are mall security employees.

An official with Allied Properties, the company that owns the mall, told WFMZ that the posting of the video is under investigation.

Marrero said she has learned a lesson and has some words of advice for the younger generation.

"Do not text and walk ...," she said. "The fountain could have been empty. ... I could have walked into a bus, you know. ...I could have got hit by a car. It can happen anywhere ... anywhere."

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