College Football Player Says He Was Axed From Team for Gay Kiss


The list of "possible dismissible behavior" includes "lying to Coaches, Teachers or other school staff," in addition to criminal violations, fighting and repeated absence or tardiness.

Just one month into his college football career, Kuntz found himself having to drop three bombshells on his family--he was kicked off the team, he left the school and he was gay.

"I think they were more upset about me getting kicked off the team than anything else," he said.

When he told his family about his 65-year-old boyfriend, he said, "My mom was the only one that was rough with that."

But Kuntz said that she is supportive of him and has now accepted his boyfriend. He recognizes that people may find the 47-year age difference between him and his boyfriend "sketchy," but he said the year-long relationship is genuine.

"I know it's weird to tell people," he said. "I don't know if I was looking for a father figure right away or a mentor, but it's passed that now."

The two met through an online dating site, Kuntz said, and have spent time together several times over the past year. Kuntz did not want to disclose his boyfriend's identity to protect his privacy. He said his boyfriend "felt awful" about the fallout from the kiss.

"My boyfriend felt really bad that it happened," Kuntz said. "We both should have known. Anyone can get caught in the moment."

Kuntz's main concern now is getting back to football. His plan was to play at North Dakota State College for a few years before transitioning to a Division 1 school. He currently has no plans to sue the school.

"I'm not worried about a lawsuit, I'm worried about getting back to a deal in college and playing football," he said. "I would rather still be playing, getting ready for this game on Saturday."

But he hopes that his newfound notoriety will be helpful to others.

"My story is out there so hopefully this doesn't happen to someone else," Kuntz said. "I may be a voice for somebody who doesn't want to come out."

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