For Young Boys, Is Pink the New Blue?


Young Boys Weigh In

A bubblegum pink scooter put on the market three months ago in the U.S. was heavily marketed to both boys and girls after its maker, Micro Mini Scooter, conducted an in-house survey that showed 88 percent of parents surveyed were okay with their sons playing with it, pink and all.

While the majority of those parents surveyed were okay with a pink toy for their son, ABC News discovered that, when it came to pink clothing, the fathers on our panel did have a limit.

"Pink tutu? Problem," Jobson-Larkin, father of pink-wearing, six-year-old James, said when we held up the frilly, definitely pink, piece of attire.

"My son did wear a skirt sometimes to preschool, and we allowed that," another father chimed in.

"I struggled with my own comfort level with that," he said. "What I was really concerned about was that he'd get teased and not be accepted."

So ABC News went straight to the source, assembling a group of five 6-8 year old boys, to see if they too worried about acceptance and teasing among their peers not-in-pink.

"I don't really believe in the 'girl colors boy colors' thing," said one boy in our assembled group.

"I like pink. I also think the 'boy color girl colors' is not fair," another agreed.

When we asked the boys to pick a shirt and try it on, two boys chose pink, and even made a point to bond over it, giving each other fist pumps in the air over their selection.

"I would never be worried about wearing pink to school," one said.

Despite their enthusiasm for pink, however, the boys showed that, just like their dads, there is still a limit in today's culture of how far "boys in pink" can go.

"I just wouldn't want to cross the line with a princess on the shirt," one boy said when we asked about wearing a pink shirt featuring a princess on it to school.

"They would probably laugh at me and I would kind of be a little humiliated if that happened," he said of his classmates' reaction. "I just wouldn't want to go there with it."

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