George Zimmerman Knew Several Sanford Police Officers Before Shooting


- Witness 6 is a man who lived near where the shooting took place and told Sanford police he saw a black man on top of a lighter-skinned man "just throwing down blows on the guy, MMA-style," and that the man getting beat up was the one calling for help.

But three weeks later when speaking with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, he was no longer sure. "I truly can't tell who, after thinking about it, was yelling for help just because it was so dark out on that sidewalk," he said.

The man also said while he was positive that "the black guy was on top," he could no longer be sure Martin was throwing punches or simply trying to restrain Zimmerman.

- Witness 2, who is a young woman, initially spoke with Sanford police four days after the shooting. "I saw two guys running," she said. "Couldn't tell you who was in front, who was in behind." She said moments later she saw a fistfight: "Just fists. I don't know who was hitting who."

Nearly a month later when interviewed again, this time by the FDLE, her story had changed. She said she remembered catching only a glimpse of a single person running. "I couldn't tell you if it was a man, a woman, a kid, black, or white. I couldn't tell you because it was dark and because I didn't have my contacts on or glasses. … I just know I saw a person out there."

- Witness 13, who talked with Zimmerman in the moments after the shooting, didn't alter his account as much as he added to it. He initially told local police that Zimmerman told him that Martin "was beating up on me, so I had to shoot him," and that Zimmerman asked the man to call his wife and let him know what happened.

About a month later, the witness went into much great detail about Zimmerman's demeanor. Zimmerman's tone, according to the witness, was "not like 'I can't believe I just shot someone!'—it was more like, 'Just tell my wife I shot somebody …,' like it was nothing."

- A young mother identified as Witness 12 didn't give a recorded interview to Sanford police, but she did sit down with an FDLE agent more than three weeks after the shooting. She said she saw two people on the ground immediately after the shooting, but that she couldn't say whether it was Zimmerman or Trayvon on top. Six days later, however, she was sure it was Zimmerman.

"I know after seeing the TV of what's happening, comparing their sizes, I think Zimmerman was definitely on top because of his size," she said.

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