Top 7 Outrageous Halloween Houses of 2012

PHOTO: Dr. Paul Duryea, an orthodontist in Palm Harbor, Fla., decorates his house to entertain his clients for charity.

For some families across America, Halloween home-decorating is taken very seriously. The lights, music and decorations involved to create these spooky scenes on their front lawns are certainly starting to give typical Christmas cheer a run for its money.

All seven families interviewed while compiling the list of the most outrageous Halloween homes admitted to spending no less than an entire month putting their creepy creations together. For some, Halloween is just hobby. But for these folks, haunting their neighborhoods has become an absolute obsession.

Take a look, if you dare, at these elaborate, greatly ghoulish haunted homes:

Halloween 'Gangnam Style' - Leesburg, Va.

With only two years of practice under their belt, the Edwards Landing Lights home, in Leesburg, Va., has already mastered how to get the attention of their Halloween entertainment-seeking fans.

This year, their 'Gangnam Style' synchronized routine is garnering a lot of attention, already surpassing 400,000 views on YouTube since it was originally posted Oct. 17.

Their over-the-top show features 13 full-length songs, four short intros and a handful of announcements thrown in the mix to keep the viewers guessing. Edward Landing Lights divided the songs into two roughly 25-minute shows that will alternate depending on the night you visit.

Bates Haunt - Taylorsville, Utah

Dave Bates first fell in love with Halloween, and Halloween decorating, at a very young age after a visit to Disney's "Haunted Mansion."

"I probably haunted my house since I was about eight. I just experimented with different things and they kept getting bigger and bigger," Bates said. "I didn't have anywhere to store them, so it became more of a virtual haunt. There's not a lot of stuff to store. It's mostly electronic instead of having a ton of props."

Although he's gained quite a following for his annual virtual Halloween house show, Bates tries to limit the amount of time he spends on the planning process.

"I usually wait, even though I'm thinking about it all year," he explained.

Each year, Bates gets upwards of 1,000 visitors coming to sit on his front lawn to take in the spooky sights. The presentation is especially creative because he writes all his own music and lyrics to accompany the light show, which usually takes him about a month and a half to compose.

As a web designer by day, Bates's favorite thing about his Halloween tradition is that it combines all the things he likes to do: Video, music, computers, "it gets the whole gambit," he joked.

This year marks the 10th anniversary for his Halloween projection show.

Halloween Light Show - Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Scott Johnson may only be 22, but in the three years he's been doing his elaborate haunted light show, he's certainly already giving more seasoned Halloween veterans a run for their money.

"I've always been into lighting, since fourth grade, doing theatrical lighting for shows and theatre," Johnson told "I was online looking at YouTube videos and saw all the Halloween and Christmas decorations and thought, 'I want to do that.'"

Johnson puts in a whopping eight months of prepping before his final reveal several days before Halloween. Programming the music to be in sync with the light show takes the longest, and to actually set up the display takes about two and a half weeks.

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