The Anti-Dirty Dance: Teens Say No to Grinding


"We're all entitled to speak up," she said. "That's why friends are so important. I would never tell someone to go to a club by themselves."

Mourey says the technique she sells on YouTube is simple, and can be done on your own.

"You don't look around and don't talk to your friends. You just stand there," she said. "Then they might get a little angry, like 'dude, what's your problem,' but just stand there."

Levkoff argues, however, that woman should use their voices to say no to unwanted moves on the dance floor, not their bodies.

I don't think you need to make the crazy face," Levkoff said. "I think that we need to own our voice and say 'thank you but I'm not interested in dancing with you,' or just say 'no thanks,' or, if it gets too much, you pick up and you walk away and you don't put yourself in a position where you're doing something that you don't want to consent to."

None of the ABC panelists had yet tried Mourey's technique, but the male member of the panel, for one, was confident it would work.

"It'd scare me," he said. "I haven't seen any girls actually do it, but I'm pretty sure it would work pretty effectively."

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