Jennifer Sheehan Was 'Relieved' When Mom Killed Dad


"When it's totally public and out in the open, it's horrible. You see your name in the news, you're involved, there's a scandal. All of this stuff becomes more overwhelming and you begin to have a lot of regrets," Hilfer said.

"There's no way to escape the damage that this will cause," he said. "When something like this becomes public, we become the victims of our own misdeeds and there's no way out of this one alive. Everyone gets damages. Everyone gets pain inflicted."

Jennifer Sheehan found herself feeling conflicted about the media attention.

"Overall, I think it helped because most of the media was positive," she said. "But I think that emotionally for my family, it definitely hurt. It's hard enough to go through this, but then to have that constant focus…walking up to the courtroom, you couldn't even get out of the car. There were cameras everywhere. It's so overwhelming."

For Jennifer Sheehan and her brother, the ordeal paid off when their mother was found not guilty.

"At the end, right before the verdict was read, I couldn't even breathe," Jennifer Sheehan wrote in the book. "Raymond told me that it felt to him like time had stopped. We were both so scared and nervous. Hearing 'not guilty' for murder in the 2nd degree and again 'not guilty' for the first gun possession charge was the most ecstatic feeling either of us have ever had."

Though Sheehan says she does not feel put together all the time, she says her relationship with her mother is stronger than ever.

"She's okay and I don't have to text her all the time. He's not going to hurt her," Sheehan said. "She couldn't really be herself or be happy when he was alive. Now, I'm getting to know her, who she really is."

Though Hilfer said that the residual effects from the trial experience can resonate throughout someone's life, the hope is that the child learns from the ordeal.

"It's a horrible experience for these kids," Hilfer said. "One would hope that they would learn from their parents' mistakes."

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