Jerry Sandusky Trial Hears Tales of Coerced Shower Sex


Jerry Sandusky Trial Hears Tales of Coerced Shower Sex

The man accounted for the difference by saying he had blocked the memories, and was only able to share the new information with prosecutor Joseph McGettigan a couple of months ago.

"That doorway I had closed has since been reopening. More things have been coming back. Things have changed since that grand jury testimony, through counseling and things. I can remember a lot more detail that I had pushed aside," he said.

Amendola, sticking to his defense that many of the accusers are lying in order to make money off of civil suits later, asked Victim 7 about hiring a civil attorney, pointing out that he had not paid the attorney anything despite about 15 to 20 hours of meetings with him, and had signed "some sort of agreement," though the man was not sure if it had anything to do with payment.

No lawsuits have been filed so far.

Earlier today, yet another alleged victim said that Sandusky twice threatened him as an 11-year-old boy over oral sex, once telling the frightened kid he would "never see my family again" if he spoke about the alleged assault, the man testified.

The witness, who is now 25 and identified by ABC News only as Victim 10, told the court that he was in Sandusky's basement in 1998 when they were wrestling when the "defendant pinned me to the ground and pulled my shorts down and started performing oral sex on me," he said.

"I freaked out. I was scared," Victim 10 testified. The witness said the alleged assault last "a couple of minutes."

"He then went back upstairs. He told me if I told anyone that I would never see my family again," the witness said.

Sandusky later returned to the basement. "He apologized for saying that and that he didn't mean it and that he loved me," Victim 10 said.

The witness said that on another occasion he was riding in Sandusky's car when the coach asked the boy to perform oral sex on him, and the boy refused.

"He got displeased with what I told him. He made a threat to me," Victim 10 testified, and said he then carried out the sex act that Sandusky allegedly demanded.

He was sexually assaulted by Sandusky "at least five times," the man said.

The man's testimony left a group of women who were watching the proceedings with agents from the attorney general's office in tears. They got up and left halfway through Victim 10's completion. It is unclear if the women were related to the witness.

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