Jerry Sandusky Witness Tells of Staring at Coach in the Showers With a Boy


The back-and-forth between Amendola and Victim 1 became tense at times, as Amendola asked the accuser to account for multiple differences in his descriptions of abuse to investigators and the grand jury in the past few years. The accuser dismissed Aamendola's suggestion that he was lying, saying it had been difficult to tell people about the abuse, and sometimes he told a "white lie."

Victim 1 threw his head back at one point, covering his face with hands and laughing, before crying, saying 'Stop,' to Amendola. Both the judge and Amendola asked whether the man needed a break from testimony, but he declined.

Victim 1 was adamant that staying at Sandusky's house affected his behavior. "After I started staying with him it [my behavior] changed noticeably. I acted out, I started wetting the bed, I got into fights with people, stuff I would never normally do," he said.

After his testimony, the prosecution called the young man's grandfather and the case worker at Children and Youth Services to whom the case was first referred. The man's grandfather said that his daughter called him once, asking him to break up an argument between Sandusky and Victim 1. He testified that he went to the home, found the pair arguing, and told Victim 1 to go in the house and told Sandusky to leave.

The case worker testified that Victim 1 had not told her of all the allegations during their first meeting, noting that he seemed "nervous and shy" but not like he was lying outright. She described interviewing Sandusky about Victim 1's allegations, and Sandusky admitting to "blowing raspberries" on the boy's stomach, cracking his back, and having the boy sleep at his home "seven to eight times." He denied sexual intent or sexual activity.

Sandusky also denied that he had gone to the boy's school multiple times and pulled him out of class, as Victim 1 had testified earlier. Sandusky told the case worker that he had gone only once to the high school, and pulled the boy from an assembly to ask about helping out at a golf tournament, the woman said.

But Victim 1 said Sandusky showed up at his school often. Once, he and the former football coach were lifting weights and climbing rock walls in the school's recreation facilities when Sandusky pulled the alleged victim down onto him and began rolling around with the boy and blowing on his stomach, Victim 1 said.

"Then the door opened and Joe Miller walked in on me. I felt kind of like a relief that nothing was going to happen in the school," he said.

The court also heard from Miller who told the court he saw them lying on the floor facing one another on wrestling mats.

"I turned to my left and I saw Jerry and (Victim 1) all the way in the back corner, face to face on their sides on a mat, and Jerry propped himself up on one arm and said, 'Hey coach, just working on wrestling moves.' So I didn't think much of it," Miller said. "I thought when I got in the car, that's kind of peculiar, that they'd be on those mats when there are bigger wrestling mats outside, but I thought it's Jerry. Jerry's a saint, so I didn't think anything of it."

Amendola, however, went back over the incident with Victim 1, noting that in his grand jury testimony, Victim 1 said it was "hilarious" when he fell of the rock wall with Sandusky when they were climbing, and that he was "laughing hysterically."

Amendola reiterated that there had been no sexual contact during the incident.

Amendola also hinted that Victim 1 had discussed getting rich by bringing a civil suit against Sandusky, part of the defense strategy Amendola has described since the beginning of the case.

"Have you in presence of your mom ever told anybody that you two were going to become rich after this deal?" he asked.

The accuser said he had not.

"Just so we're clear: you never discussed that you were going to wind up with big house and cars and be rich as result of this case? If someone were to come into court and say that, it wouldn't be true?"

Victim 1 said that maybe he had dreamed about living in a big house or driving a nice car, but had never verbalized it.

Amendola will cross-examine the Children and Youth Services case worker during the afternoon session, and the prosecution might still call more investigators to testify about the investigation into Victim 1's claims.

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