Jerry Sandusky Trial Hear 'Victim' Say He Screamed for Help But No One Heard


Jerry Sandusky Witness Says He Loved Sandusky

Amendola stressed that Gricar, a veteran prosecutor, decided not press charges because there was no evidence of sexual abuse, to which Scheffler conceded the point. Gricar disappeared without a trace in 2005, and so could not shed light on why he decided not press charges against Sandusky in 1998.

Amendola also had Victim 6 read aloud text messages he sent to Sandusky as recently as 2009, wishing him a happy Father's Day and telling him on Thanksgiving that he was grateful God placed Sandusky in the boy's life. The man also visited with Sandusky as recently as summer, 2011, when he went out to lunch with him.

Another witness identified as Victim 3 said that in wrestling and tickling with Sandusky the coach would sometimes cause the boy when he was 12 to have an erection and that the coach would sometimes touch his penis. But Victim 3, now 25, also said how much he liked Sandusky and was disappointed when he was sent to a group home and had to break off contact with him.

"He made me feel like I was part of a family. He gave me things that I had never had before," Victim 3 said. When asked if he liked Sandusky, Victim 3 replied, "I loved him."

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