New Jersey Mom Who Allegedly Faked Cancer for Profit Exposed by Her Sister


Sister Turns in Woman Who Faked Cancer for Profit

"My dad says that I went against the family, but what I did was out of love for my sister and trying to protect my niece and my nephew," she said. DiGiovanni said her parents have been led to believe that she is the one who is lying and that Stilley is really sick.

DiGiovanni is unsure if Stilley's husband knew what was going on.

"In the beginning, I can't imagine that he did know because he was just as depressed and devastated as we were," she said. "I think he's in protect mode, but I really wish I knew what he knew."

Joel Bewley, spokesman for the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office, said that neither Stilley's husband nor anyone else has been charge in connection to the crime, but he could not comment on whether other charges may be forthcoming.

"Yesterday when I saw her mug shot on the Internet, I ended up in tears," DiGiovanni said. "I still love my sister to death and I really wish that somebody would give her the help that she needs."

DiGiovanni said her sister has no history of mental illness and she has puzzled over why she would do this.

"Clearly, this is not something that in her normal state of mind that she would do," she said. "I don't think this had anything to do with financial gain, just a means of getting attention. I almost think she doesn't know what she's doing. I think the attention has been so addictive that she can't even stop it."

Neither Stilley nor her attorney responded to request for comment.

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