Jodi Arias Denied Guilt After Told of Sex Photos, Palm Print, DNA


The tapes are the first look at the interrogation and Arias appears to be relaxed as she denies knowing anything about the theft or the murder. She slumps forward at one point with her head almost on the table, and does not appear to be upset when the detective reads the Miranda right to her.

"The gun that was stolen, a .25 auto, just happens to be the same caliber used to kill him," Detective Esteban Flores of the Mesa, Ariz., police department said to Arias after she arrested her in July 2008 for the murder of Alexander.

"A .25 was used to kill him?" she asked.

"Jodi, we're just playing games here," Esteban replied.

"I didn't even know there were guns until my grandparents reported them stolen the day their house was broken into," Arias said.

The prosecution has presented witnesses and evidence throughout the five days of testimony showing that Arias lied repeatedly to investigators before her arrest.

"What did you do with the gun?" Esteban asked her in the video taped interviews.

"I don't have a gun," Arias responded. "I don't know what a .25 looks like."

Arias had previously told Esteban in phone calls and interviews that Alexander had inexplicably stopped returning her phone calls, that she had taken a road trip to Utah to visit a man she was interested in dating that Alexander was killed, and that she had never used a gun or been violent.

Arias later admitted driving to Alexander's house in Mesa, Ariz., where she killed him, before continuing onto Utah to meet her new love interest.

Police allege that Arias arrived in Mesa from California, that she and Alexander had sex, took sexually graphic photos of one another, and then Arias brutally attacked Alexander, killing him.

She then drove to Utah to see Ryan Burns, whom she kissed and cuddled with for a day before returning to California.

Alexander's body was found five days later in a pool of blood in his bathroom by his friends.

Arias lied to Burns and to cops about the trip to Mesa in the months leading up to her arrest, before she confessed and said the killing was in self-defense.

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