Kidnap Survivor Michelle Knight Forced to Prepare Torture Room


Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry Are Not Close After 10 Year Kidnap Ordeal

Knight said Castro tested the women by giving them what seemed like an opportunity to get away, but he would use mirrors and peepholes to watch them. He told them that anyone who tried to escape and anyone who helped would be killed. He occasionally let them in the backyard with wigs on, but kept a gun within reach.

Knight developed a close bond with DeJesus and said she still loves her to this day. She and Berry are "okay," but not the "best of friends."

"[Berry] was one of those girls that really didn't get it," Knight said. "She would see it and she didn't believe it. She wanted to think that it wasn't happening. That's what type of girl she was in the house. He treated her totally differently so she looked at the situation in a different way."

The day Berry, who's now 27, went into the labor with her daughter, Knight was the one who delivered the baby.

"I see the baby's head and the baby is blue and we need to get the baby out right now," she said. "The baby finally comes out and I tell [Berry], 'You just got to pray to God that I can get her to breathe.'"

"[Castro] told me if the baby didn't come out alive that he would blame me," Knight said. "I knew if I didn't get her to breathe that he would kill me right then and there."

Knight used two fingers to give the baby compressions and did mouth-to-mouth. Five minutes later, the little girl started screaming.

When Dr. Phil asked Knight why she thought Berry was allowed to have a baby after Castro's violent refusal to let her have one, Knight said she thought it was because "he didn't want a girl like me to have a kid."

"I was a girl that couldn't be broken, a girl that couldn't be underestimated," she said. "When he figured out he couldn't control me very much, he didn't want to give me a kid."

She also told of a day that Castro's daughters came over with their boyfriends and children after hearing that there were three women in the house. They wanted to search the house and got as far as the basement, where the three women were hidden, before Knight said Castro told them the basement was under construction and they couldn't go down.

They came back the next day and Castro hid the women in the truck outside.

On the day the women escaped, 11 years after Knight had been taken, she remembered she and DeJesus hearing commotion downstairs and thinking the house was being broken into.

When she saw a police officer in the hallway, she ran toward her, "I jumped on her and I never let go."

She didn't know at the time that Berry had managed to escape from downstairs with her daughter, run across the street and call 911. Knight said it made her "sad" that Berry didn't mention her or DeJesus in the 911 call, which she later heard.

"It was a like a roller coaster of mixed emotions ... We're going home. That's the only thing I can remember is that I was going home," she said. "I wanted to kiss the ground that I was walking on and thank God for getting me out of that hell-hole."

Knight is the first of the three women to publicly tell her story and Dr. Phil said the show has created a fund for Knight and made a substantial donation to the fund.

Berry and Gina DeJesus announced a book contract in October, but Knight declined to be part of the deal.

Castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts of rape, kidnapping, torture and aggravated murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 1,000 years by an Ohio Judge on Aug 1. He was found dead in his jail cell on Sept. 3.

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