'Letters From the Grave' Help Unlock Mystery Behind Two Mothers' Deaths


Julie Jensen's Letter Reinstated As Evidence By Wisconsin Supreme Court

In one, addressed to Doug and ex-girlfriend Hilary DeWitt, Faylene asked them to marry as soon as possible and said she wanted to see them "sitting as husband and wife at [her] funeral." DeWitt told ABC News that Faylene had asked her to take care of the two boys Faylene shared with Doug.

Click here to read a letter from Faylene to Doug and Hilary.

Click here to read a letter from Faylene to Hilary.

The authorities never contested the authenticity of Faylene's letters and writings. Instead, they argued that Doug had somehow manipulated and encouraged Faylene's thoughts of suicide, then drowned her in the bathtub. A jury convicted Doug Grant of manslaughter in 2009, and he was sentenced to five years in prison.

To read more about the trial of Doug Grant, see our full coverage.

The defense in the Julie Jensen case also acknowledged that the letter was indeed hers. Their argument was that the letter was inadmissible based on strict hearsay rules under the Sixth Amendment that state a defendant must have the opportunity to confront his or her accuser.

For five years, prosecutors fought to bring the letter back into evidence. Finally the Wisconsin Supreme Court created an exception. In its decision, the court allowed Julie Jensen's letter and statements as a dying declaration, and they were admitted into evidence. A jury later found Mark Jensen guilty of first-degree murder, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

To read more about the murder trial and the legal battle over Julie's letter, see our full coverage.

Watch "The Sixth Sense: Letters From the Grave," a two-hour "20/20" special, online here.

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