Former Live-in Nanny Who Wouldn't Leave Says She Feels 'Taken Advantage of'


By law, the Bracamontes couldn't enter Stretton’s room in their own home. Stretton was legally a tenant, and in California, you can’t force a tenant out on the street just because an agreement has ended.

“She has a legal right to come in there at any time,” Marc Cohen, the Bracamontes’ lawyer, told “20/20.” “And this family is going to have to live with Ms. Stretton and the fear of Ms. Stretton.”

Stretton's legal history emerged during her standoff with the Bracamontes. She has a history of litigation and is listed on the state of California’s Vexatious Litigant List for cases filed in San Diego Superior Court, but Stretton said she shouldn't be on the list.

"Because, a lot of those cases, first of all I won, but some of them settled in my favor," Stretton explained. "But they were written in such a way that you couldn't tell that. So they counted against me for that."

Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte said the ordeal has put stress on their marriage and frightened their three children. But Stretton claimed she’s the victim.

“They were yelling swear words at me and calling me four-letter words and everything else,” she said. “All I did was I didn't sign the contract. I didn't deserve that kind of treatment.”

With her belongings still in the Bracamontes’ home, Stretton said she doesn’t intend to live there any longer.

“My problem is I wanted to be able to move out without being a spectacle,” Stretton said. “They keep inviting the media in there, and I was taking things out a little bit at a time.”

Last week, Stretton said she wanted certain conditions met before she moved out, including being allowed to sleep in the house several more nights, to use the shower and to have the media go away from the house.

Until then, when asked what lesson she learned out of everything, Stretton said, “When I get my pension, I'm going to get a place and live by myself."

“Even if it's a studio apartment, I'm going to live by myself,” she said.

ABC News' Nick Watt contributed to this report

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