Police Hunting Long Island Serial Killer Fear They'll Find More Bodies

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Investigators hunting a serial killer are confident that they could find additional bodies as they escalate their search along a stretch of New York beaches where at least nine bodies have been discovered so far.

"We want to catch this guy," said State Police Capt. Louis Weber, part of task force of police and FBI agents. "The legwork is over, but the brain work is just starting."

The gut feeling that there are more bodies hidden along the shores of Long Island has police going to extraordinary lengths to scour the area for remains. The lone road through the area was expected to be closed down for several hours today as an FBI plane with sophisticated cameras and sonar is scheduled to join the search.

Police divers returned to Hemlock Cove for a second day, a body of water near where some of the bodies have been found. Police sources told ABC News that they are searching the cove in the belief that storms that lash the barrier island may have washed evidence, or bodies, into the water.

Searchers on foot are still combing the thick scrub and a WABC chopper today spotted officials taking a large black bag and several canvas bags from the brush and putting them in the back of a truck. Whatever was in the bags had been found in the brush.

Investigative sources also tell ABC News that they are increasingly convinced that they are finding the victims of a serial killer and a second killer.

Four of the bodies have been identified as prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist. Those bodies were all found wrapped in burlap and are believed to be the victims of a serial killer who is preying on prostitutes. Those bodies were spaced about 500 feet apart.

Another woman who advertised on Craigslist, Shannan Gilbert, is missing and was last seen in the area screaming for help.

Four other bodies, three adults and a toddler, were found farther away and were not wrapped in burlap. Police believe those bodies have been on the beach longer than the slain prostitutes. Investigators do not believe they are connected to whoever is killing prostitutes.

Another set of remains and a skull may be the corpse of a ninth victim or from two more victims.

Planes Join Search for Bodies on Long Island Beaches

If more bodies are to be discovered, police expect them to be connected to the serial killer who is stalking women off of Craigslist, sources said.

To make the dragnet easier, chainsaws were brought to the area today and police designated 18 spots where the brush was to be cut for a more through search.

"We visited all 18 sites with chain saws," said Nassau County Detective Kevin Smith. "Those officers arrived and determined nothing there."

A helicopter has also been used to search marshy areas where men on foot can't easily operate.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the serial killer may have dismembered several of his victims, law enforcement authorities have told ABC News. ABC News has also learned that at least one of the victims died by "homicidal asphyxiation," which could mean strangulation or being smothered.