Maryville Teen Daisy Coleman's Mother, Brother Reveal Her Reaction to Accused Rapist's Misdemeanor Plea

Melinda Coleman said she immediately put Daisy in the bathtub to warm her up and saw her daughter was "very red and very bruised." Then Daisy started complaining of pain.

"I told mom, 'Well, call the police. Call the police, if something's hurting because...that's not right,'" Charlie Coleman said. "I had this horrible feeling."

Barnett did not dispute that he and Daisy had sex, but he insisted it was consensual and that Daisy was not drunk at the time. Another boy at the house told police that Daisy drank heavily after her encounter with Barnett.

In spite of the ordeal, the Coleman family is hopeful for the future. Melinda Coleman said she will continue to monitor her daughter until she is "healthy enough."

"The saddest part is that they've taken away her value of herself," she said. "They've made her think she's nothing they've made her think she has no value. And that's you know I just want to get her to the point where she sees what a beautiful, incredible person she is. And can be happy again."

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