Missing Baby Lisa's Parent Buy Her Clothes and Gifts a Year After She Vanished


Baby Lisa's Room Unchanged A Year After She Vanished

"You can look in the media. I think it's pretty obvious where they're at," Picerno said. "They've said she's not a suspect so I'm not going to quibble over the words. But I think if you look back over what's been in the media and what they've said over the last year, what they think, I think, is pretty obvious. It's obvious to me."

Bradley faced public scrutiny in the days following Lisa's disappearance due to her changing timeline of the events of the night and the revelation that she had been drinking the night Lisa disappeared.

"Pretty much the only thing that I'm guilty of is drinking too much. And even when she comes back, that's something I have to live with, that I might have heard something and been able to stop them," a tearful Bradley told Dr. Phil McGraw in February.

She said the issues have been blown out of proportion and that she is neither an alcoholic nor a neglectful parent.

"It is literally impossible to remember every single detail and say it exactly the same every single time and there are so many negative people or hateful people that have picked it all apart," Bradley said. "If I had done something, I'd be in jail right now."

The family is planning a vigil for Wednesday evening with family, friends and supporters.

"We want to thank everyone for continuing to help look for Lisa and for the overwhelming support," the parents said in a statement this week, according to ABC News' Kansas City affiliate KMBC. "Every day without her is hard and there is no such thing as normalcy anymore. Every day we wake up hoping it will be the day she comes home to us. Until that day happens our family will continue to be incomplete without her."

At least one KCPD detective and one FBI agent work on the case every day, police said. They have investigated over 1,600 tips and said they are looking into about a dozen tips at present. Five hundred of the tips have been reported sightings across the U.S. and internationally, police said. Each reported sighting has been investigated, but none were determined to be Lisa.

Police say they have gone back over nearly 100 previously closed leads, re-interviewed connected parties and re-evaluated forensic evidence.

"It's been tough for a long time," Capt. Steve Young told ABCNews.com. "It's still an open case and we still seek and need quality tips and leads."

Despite the differences between police and parents, hope remains on both sides.

"We'll follow up on every tip and we hope that one of those tips leads to that conclusion," Young said.

"We all hope that she's out there," Picerno said. "Until someone finds her and she's not alive, we all hope and believe that she's out there somewhere. We just hope whoever took her is taking care of her."

There is a $100,000 reward for any information leading to Lisa.

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