New Moms Sell Excess Breast Milk for Cash on Internet


Seller Mom Not Sure She'd Use 'Stranger's' Milk

"I would never do anything to harm anyone else's baby," Kincaid said.

"I feed my baby the same milk that I'm selling … I've had thousands of e-mails, back and forth, between people before they buy milk because they want to make sure it's the best for their baby and I as a mother can understand wanting to be cautious," she added.

Ironically, Vainshtok isn't so sure she could overlook the caveats if the tables were turned.

"Not from a perfect stranger – maybe if I knew the person, I might be willing to do it. But doing it over the Internet from a perfect stranger, just seems a little bit strange to me. And yet you're the perfect stranger. Absolutely and of course I have all good intentions so I'm definitely doing it the proper way. But you never know," she said.

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