Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin Embroiled in Legal Battle With Wife and Stepdaughter


"My petite little platinum blonde beauty of a wife suddenly turned into a public-relations dynamo. 'The business is Buzz!' she proclaimed, and indeed so it became. Lois encouraged me to do interviews and attend more social functions. She protected my reputation in every way, and just had a knack for helping me to be seen in the right places, at the right times. For my part, I loved it. I was the star performer, who just needed to show up on stage as the curtains parted, and did not need to concern myself with logistics."

Buzz Aldrin and Lois Aldrin each own 35 percent of Starbuzz, with the remaining 30 percent owned by Cannon. If the distribution were to remain the same after the divorce, Lois Aldrin and Cannon would own 65 percent of the company.

As the lawsuits and divorce proceed, Buzz and Lois Aldrin seem to have different attitudes about their circumstances, according to their attorneys.

"It's unfortunate that this happened so late in life, but it happened," Brot, Buzz Aldrin's attorney, said. "His goals are simply to conclude a dignified divorce, have whatever assets were accumulated during the marriage equally divided, make whatever appropriate provisions under that law that he's supposed to make for his wife and then get on with his life."

As for his wife, attorney Greene said, "She's 81 years old and getting a divorce. It's very upsetting. She loves Buzz. She doesn't want any of this to be happening."

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