'Neighbor From Hell' Uses Curses, Handmade Signs to Harass Minn. Family


Family Fights Back at 'Neighbor From Hell' Lori Christensen

The Hoffmans called the police again. Christensen only admitted to "pushing the limit" with her comments.

"It was obvious that Lori wasn't going to stop on our request," Police Chief Bankes said. "There was going to have to be some more serious consequences for her."

In early 2010 the Hoffmans stopped engaging with Christensen. Instead, they went to court and got a harassment restraining order that prohibited Christensen from having any contact with them.

"To not respond to her when she was going after my kids was excruciatingly difficult," said Greg Hoffman.

But the restraining order did little to dissuade Christensen's disturbing behavior. Instead she devised a new and very public way to torment the Hoffmans: 25-foot signs that covered her garage with humiliating messages such as "I Saw Mommy Kissing A Breathalyzer."

"You really wouldn't want to look at them, because the stuff that she would put up on them wouldn't really be appropriate for our eyes," said Kylie Hoffman, 9.

Christensen's continued harassment was a clear violation of the restraining order, landing her in a county workhouse for 30 days as a convicted felon.

"It felt good," Kim Hoffman said. "We actually thought that maybe, you know, it would stop."

"Not even close," Greg Hoffman added.

The Hoffmans say the day after Christensen returned home from the workhouse signs started going up again. If getting locked up didn't stop Christensen, neither did being the subject of local news reports.

"[She was] sitting in my office, across from me," said Bankes. "I said, Lori, why? Why can't you just stop this? What is your purpose? She looked me right in the eye and said, 'It's my lifelong goal to make these people's life miserable.'"

But it was Christensen's life that was looking more and more miserable. On May 19, 2012 Christensen was caught videotaping the Hoffman family as they left their home – another direct violation of the order.

Christensen was arrested and charged with three more felony counts. Judge George Stephenson also sentenced her to an immediate 90 days in jail for violating the probation from her previous conviction. Christensen has since lost her job as an administrative assistant at the Met Council, a regional government agency in Minneapolis.

Most importantly for the Hoffmans, the judge banned Christensen from returning to her home for the remainder of her 4 ½ year probation. The house is now for sale.

Christensen declined requests for comment. Her trial is set to begin Oct. 22 and she has pleaded not guilty.

After five years, more than 80 calls to police, almost 50 citations and enough mugshots to fill a photo album, there was victory for one family unwilling to be harassed by a neighbor. Greg Hoffman said it was worth it.

"People shouldn't have to get up and move because you have a neighbor that is making your life miserable. We took our neighborhood back."

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