'Neighbor from Hell' Sentenced to Five Years' Probation

"I have pictures of every Metropolitan Council bus driving down the street that said, 'I saw Mama kissing a breathalyzer,'" Christensen said about one particular sign, adding that she's a supporter of the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Christensen maintains that although some of the signs may have crossed the line, it was her first amendment right to post them

She maintains she never left her property or physically threatened the Hoffman family.

Christensen offered no apologies for the behavior that has, so far, landed her in jail twice.

"Why do I have to live my life to make them happy?" Christensen asked. "They sat at home every day on their front step watching me and my daughter."

Standing by her actions, Christensen said, "I'm assertive. I hold my own. But I'm also a very compassionate person."

Christensen remains barred from returning to her house and it is currently up for sale. Christensen said she sees losing her job, spending time in jail and being forced out of her neighborhood simply as "speed bumps" in her life.

"I've always been happy," she said. "I love life."

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