Pale Male: New York's Most Famous Red-Tailed Hawk May Be a Father Again


Pale Male: New York's Favorite Red-Tailed Hawk

A very expensive metal frame cradle was designed and built and placed on the arch above the central top-floor window where the previous nest had been built, anchored by anti-pigeon spikes.

The next spring, Pale Male and Lola did indeed build a new nest of twigs and branches in the cradle and laid eggs. But for six barren years, no eggs hatched.

Theories abounded. Perhaps he was too old, or perhaps he and his mate had eaten too many poisoned rats from the park and been rendered sterile, or perhaps the new nest allowed too much cold air to circulate under the eggs.

All that changed Thursday in the late afternoon when word suddenly went out that this pioneer hawk, still completely wild, whose children and grandchildren now nest across the city, was apparently getting ready to help show another clutch of awkward, young chicks how to look over the edge of their nest at a wide world, and learn to fly.

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