Rutgers Trial: Dharun Ravi's Texts to Witness


Rutgers Trial Hears Molly Wei Describe the Spying

Defense attorneys Steven Altman and Philip Nettl argued against admitting the reason for Clementi's room change request - "Roommate with webcam spying on me" -- into evidence, saying it was hearsay that was unreliable. The statement may or may not have authored by Clementi himself, and was not investigated by the university at the time of the request to be true, Altman argued.

The judge ruled that the part of the statement in which Clementi accuses Ravi of spying could not be admitted.

The debate over evidence came midway through the morning testimony of witnesses called by the prosecution, including two students who saw or heard about the webcam incident from Ravi.

Ravi's friend Scott Xu said that Ravi had never expressed any dislike of gay people, but that he did tell Xu he suspected Clementi was gay. Ravi also told Xu and other friends on their ultimate Frisbee team about Clementi's sexual encounter that Ravi had seen on the webcam, Xu testified.

Xu said he never heard Ravi make a disparaging remark about gay people or Clementi's encounter.

"The only thing I heard was that (Clementi's male guest) looked 'shady,'" Xu testified.

When asked if Ravi had ever described any other gay people, Xu said that his friend had met a gay man at Rutgers orientation.

"He did mention one at orientation. He said he liked him because he was rich," Xu said.

Another Rutgers student, Pooja Kolluri, who testified that she saw the images of Clementi kissing another man on a Wei's computer, also said that Ravi had not expressed anti-gay feelings.

"He said he didn't have a problem with (Clementi) being gay," Kolluri testified, noting that Ravi had commented on Clementi's male guest. "(He said) he looked very old."

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