49ers Stadium Will Be Most Vegan Friendly in America

PHOTO: Levis Stadium now offers food options for vegans.PlayKGO
WATCH San Francisco 49ers' New Stadium Gets Menu Overhaul

"Get your hot dog, your vegan-friendly hot dog."

That's the chant that vendors at Levi's Stadium, home to the San Francisco 49ers, might be yelling to customers this fall as the stadium overhauls its menu to become the most vegan-friendly arena in America.

The stadium's catering company, Centerplate, unveiled the new menu this month and showed off some of the vegan options, including the vegan frank and an Asian-inspired Portobello mushroom steamed bun, according to ABC station KGO.

“We are going to be the most vegan-friendly stadium in the entire sports industry,” Zach Hensely, manager of Centerplate, told the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported that there would be more than 30 vegan options at the stadium, including one at every permanent stand.

The stadium is also going to source 85 percent of its ingredients from California, many from an even smaller radius around Santa Clara, according to the Chronicle.

Other features include more than 1,000 beer taps and wood-fired ovens for pizzas, according to KGO.