Jerry Sandusky Lawyers Lean Toward Putting Him on Stand


Dr. John O'Brien, a psychiatrist called by the prosecution, said that though two personality tests yielded a possible diagnosis of HPD, he also showed that Sandusky answered test questions in a way that would portray him in the best possible light.

Sandusky's legal team is trying to counter the powerfully emotional case presented by the prosecution last week that featured eight alleged victims describing, often through tears, how Sandusky allegedly showered them with attention and presents before aggressively sexually assaulting them.

Earlier today, Amendola contended that state troopers "tainted" the sex abuse investigation by prodding potential victims to say that sexual acts occurred between Sandusky and them and encouraged their confessions by saying that other young men had already described the abuse in detail.

Amendola asked two Pennsylvania state troopers whether the potential victims they interviewed at the beginning of the investigation ever said that nothing happened between them and Sandusky, and whether they later changed their stories to say that sexual abuse had occurred. Both investigators agreed that the men had changed their stories during the course of several interviews to provide detailed accounts of being molested or raped.

Amendola suggested that Trooper Scott Rossman and Corporal Joseph Leiter had elicited some of those changes by encouraging the men to say they were abused.

He asked whether the investigators remembered telling Victim 4 during an early interview that "nine other kids" had come forward and some of them had told investigators that oral sex and rape had occurred, according to a transcript from the interview.

Rossman and Leiter denied that they shared with their interviewees specific information about the number of other accusers or sex acts that alleged victims had told them, but Amendola then read a transcript from an interview with the man being identified as Victim 4.

In the interview, Leiter said, "I want to let you know that you are not the only victim... I think there were nine. We interviewed about nine.... You are repeating word for word pretty much that others told us. We know there is a well-defined progression in the way he operated.. Progression goes on for an extended period of time... oral sex..."

Amendola played a tape in which Leiter and Rossman say they are going to pause the recording device to take a break. Rossman and Victim 4 leave to get sodas, and Leiter and Victim 4's attorney, Ben Andreozzi, remain in the interview room with the recording device accidentally still recording.

The two discuss other allegations from alleged victims in the case, and then Andreozzi asks Leiter to share those allegations with his client so that Victim 4 can feel more comfortable talking about what happened to him.

Amendola asked the two investigators whether they had discussed their testimony with one another in the hallway. Rossman said they had not, while Leiter said they had.

He also asked the men whether they had turned off the tape recorder during interviews with other alleged victims and whether they were also told details of what other complainants had said.

Both men said under cross-examination by the prosecutor that they had not told alleged victims what to say or to embellish their stories.

They told the prosecutor that it was difficult to get many of the alleged victims to discuss the abuse. One, Leiter said, "curled up in the fetal position at the end of his couch" during questioning.

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