For 28 Years, Carl Anderson Has Heard It All As Santa Claus


"Last year she had come to me and asked for relief of her symptoms from this ongoing illness she had," he said. "I told her that it wasn't something I could do but that I'd bring her something very special."

"I guess she took that to mean I was going to cure her," he said, "Because two weeks after Christmas last year her symptoms went into remission."

"It's just that kind of hope and belief, the spontaneous love and affection, that makes me love what I do," he said.

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Anderson says it's not hard to play the part when it comes to looking like Saint Nick. He keeps a big white beard year around -- in case he's called in on an emergency Santa appearance -- and has had white hair for years.

"I'm a natural Santa," he said. Anderson weighs in at 250 pounds and is over six feet tall.

"It's just my routine now, I have a classic red and white suit and a custom-made leather carved belt," he said. "I don't wear a hat and gloves so the kids can see it's really me, and I think it helps them be a little less scared."

As for what Santa wants for Christmas?

"What do I want? I want kids to realize that even though we may have darkness at times, that the sun is always going to shine," he said. "I want kids to know that they're loved and cared for and special."

"And a little milk and cookies, chocolate chip of course."

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