Exclusive: Sex Predators Still Getting Hired in Schools


A coach and teacher was forced to resign from one Ohio public school because of 'inappropriate' relationships with female students. But in true "pass the trash" fashion, he received a letter of recommendation, and was hired to teach and coach at a second Ohio public school district. There, he committed sexual battery against a sixth grade girl. He was convicted and sentenced to 2 years in prison in 2006.

In Florida, a man who was convicted in 2008 of engaging in sex with an underage boy, was allowed to become a volunteer coach last year, without receiving a criminal history check, as required by Florida law. He has since been arrested again, charged with having sex with a boy he was coaching.

The GAO found that in many cases, school officials allow teachers to resign rather than face disciplinary action, and often provide positive references. Some schools did not perform required criminal checks, and even if checks were performed, they usually only cover that home state. If a teacher has moved around to various states (as did Kevin Ricks), a single-state check would not turn up the critical information.

Miller says if the people in the system had been doing their jobs in these cases, kids would not have been molested.

"That's the bottom line." Miller said. "These are all different situations but there was a breakdown in the system doing its job to protect the children and assure the parents that was a safe place for their children to be during the school day."

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