Steubenville Rape Trial: 'I Didn't Remember Anything,' Accuser Says


Rigaud testified Friday that in collecting cell phones for evidence, he uncovered three pictures of the alleged victim. One of photos shows the alleged victim being held by Richmond and Mays by her arms and legs and appearing unconscious. It was taken by 18-year-old Cody Saltsman, posted to Instagram and widely disseminated. Saltsman was not implicated in the alleged sexual assault and has not been charged with any crime.

Richmond told ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas that the alleged victim was joking around in Saltsman's picture.

But the other two photos, which were not posted publicly, came from Mays' phone.

In one of the pictures, the alleged victim is seen lying face down, and another hand is seen in the photo.

When asked about the hand in the photo, Rigaud testified "it was darker."

Rigaud also gave an account of his initial interview with the alleged victim in which she describes herself on the night of the incident saying she was "not sober, but was OK."

When Rigaud was cross examined by Madison, he asked him why he did not collect a DNA sample from 18-year-old Evan Westlake, who was present in all three locations that evening.

Westlake had not been interviewed by authorities until October, prior to the probable cause hearing. While Rigaud said he had spoken with the teen's attorney, ultimately, he was unable to get a sample from him.

Under pressure from Madison, Rigaud said that while he could have gotten a search warrant, he did not pursue Westlake further.

If convicted, Richmond and Mays could serve prison time until they turn 21.

The case drew further attention when some outside the small rustbelt town accused local officials of willfully protecting the football players, who they say are seen as hometown heroes.

ABC News' Russell Goldman contributed to this report.

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