For the Amish, Crime but Seldom Punishment

In other cases, charges are never filed, and punishment is left to the forgiving standards of the church.

"More likely than not, they wouldn't do anything," Morse-Kahn said. "They don't care to be in the courts."

"The Amish see the force of law as contrary to the Christian spirit," Donald Kraybill, a professor and expert on the Amish told Legal Affairs Magazine.

Moreover, sociologist Morse-Kahn says, judges are generally reluctant to send the Amish to jail.

"It can drive social service agencies and medical authorities out of their minds. What does this say about our world of law that it applies to some people and not others?"

Compared to the lives of most Americans, Amish life seems different in every way -- and the sphere of justice is no exception.

In the Amish world, there's crime but no punishment, only forgiveness and salvation.

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