Who Rebounded and Who Was Ruined?

When his apology on "Late Night With David Letterman" backfired, Michael Richards turned to a crisis management expert to help him recover from the scandal surrounding his use of racial slurs at a comedy club.

So far, it's unclear whether the former "Seinfeld" star will rebound, be ruined or be tainted by the incident.

Here's a list of prominent celebrities and politicians who've endured scandals and whether they survived:


George Allen, ex-senator from Virginia. Used racial slurs at a campaign rally. Lost re-election in 2006.

Gary Hart, former presidential candidate. Caught committing adultery in 1988. Withdrew from Democratic primary and national politics.

Winona Ryder, actress. Caught shoplifting in 2004. Her career never recovered.

Mark Foley, former congressman. Sent provocative electronic messages to congressional pages. Resigned from office in 2006.

Jim McGreevey, former governor and rising star in Democratic Party. Admitted extramarital affair with gay employee in 2005. Resigned from office and wrote widely panned memoir.

Bob Packwood, former senator. Hit with numerous allegations of sexual harassment, abuse and assault of women. Resigned from office in 1995 and politics.

Gary Condit, former congressman. Had affair with congressional intern, who was killed in an unsolved homicide. Resigned from office in disgrace in 2003.

Michael Jackson, pop star. Accused of child molestation in two high-profile court cases in 1993 and 2005. Acquitted but financial troubles forced him to sell his estate, and toxic reputation made him move overseas.


Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host. Arrested on charges of committing fraud to buy prescription painkillers in 2006. Settled with prosecutors and continued his successful career.

Kobe Bryant, NBA star. Accused of sexual assault in 2003. Case was dismissed, and Bryant's career and marriage survived.

Bill Clinton, former president. Almost impeached for lying about sexual affair with White House intern in 1999. Survived scandal, stayed married, and became respected statesman and charity leader.

Bill O'Reilly, TV host. Accused of sexually assaulting a Fox News assistant in 2004. Settled lawsuit with accuser and continued his successful career.

Martha Stewart, domestic diva. Jailed on charges of obstructing justice and lying about stock sales in 2004. Served her sentence and went back to running her multibillion-dollar empire.

Hugh Grant, film star. Arrested for soliciting prostitute in 1995. Admitted his behavior on Jay Leno and starred in several top-grossing films.

Kate Moss, supermodel. Videotaped using cocaine in 2005 and dropped by several retailers. Rebounded to snag 18 modeling contracts in 2006 and earn $60 million.

Jude Law, actor. Cheated on his wife with their baby's nanny in 2005. Left wife for a younger actress and starred in several high-profile movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor. Accused of sexually harassing several women during his gubernatorial campaign in 2004. Won election and thrived in politics.

Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court justice. During 1991 confirmation hearings, accused of sexually harassing aide. Won confirmation and continued to serve as respect jurist.

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