Maine Initiative Keeps Kids Out of Smoke-Filled Autos

Condominium boards and apartment owners have faced lawsuits to end smoking on their properties and prevent secondhand smoke from drifting from one unit to another.

"This old idea that a person's home is a castle, with regard to smoking, if ever true, is no longer true."

But Cenci, of Maine's Libertarian Party, says, "It doesn't make sense." He describes the argument over secondhand smoke as "a not wholly provable bugaboo. And besides," he adds, "the government is now trying to regulate legal behavior."

What needs to be done, says Cenci, is to increase fines for speeding or reckless driving when children are in cars. "Things," he says, "that are known to kill children."

But anti-smoking advocate Banzhaf believes there is a last word in the argument: "Secondhand smoke is the most deadly form of child abuse in this country, and we still haven't gone far enough."

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