Is Valentine's Day for Breakups?

"I think it's a positive sign that people are re-evaluating themselves in a serious manner," said Kristina Grish, relationship expert and author of "The Joy of Text: Mating, Dating and Techno-Relating."

Several celebrity couples, for example, have already done some re-evaluating this year. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz split in early January. Marilyn Manson and "Playboy" model Dita Von Teese also called it quits, as well as Drew Barrymore and Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

The breakup trend is even more prevalent among college students, who tend to hold on to their hometown sweethearts through the holidays, said Zornosa. But after returning to school, some quickly realize that they no longer want to be tied down.

But Roth warns not to let Valentine's Day "make or break the relationship."

"There are 364 other days to celebrate," Roth said. "It doesn't have to be that day."

If Valentine's Day is important to you, Roth suggests talking about it with your partner beforehand. This way, it's not a big letdown when the roses don't show up.

But sometimes breakups are inevitable.

So how do you know if the end is near? The biggest indicator is pretty obvious. You simply hear from your partner less. More than 62 percent of dumpers said they were very likely to avoid the other person when they were on the verge of calling it quits. About 31 percent said they would "spend one last great night together" before breaking up with someone.

If romance troubles are already in the air, Grish recommends saying something before Cupid's arrow hits on Feb. 14.

"You won't enjoy the evening, and you'll sit there with a knot in your stomach," she said. "And why throw down the cash on someone you don't care about?"

Roth agreed. "If you know in your heart that this isn't going anywhere, it's a hard day to spend together. And if you're going to spend it together, then you're forced to put on a show."

"Set that person free as soon as you feel that disconnect," advised Grish.

But just don't do it by text message.

The most polite way to break the news is to do it in person. Grish says firing off a pre-emptive text message or e-mail mentioning the need to talk is a good way to set the stage. This way "you're not blowing it out in 160 characters on a person's phone," she said.

No matter how it's done, breaking up is never easy.

Melissa wasn't happy about her relationship's demise, but says she wanted a "fresh start" for 2007.

The new bachelorette may not have a Valentine's Day date this year, but she does have other plans. "Right now I'm fully focusing on my career," she said.

Here are some tips for people breaking up, or thinking about it, from the Yahoo! personals survey:

Breaking Up With Someone Soon? Some Basic Rules to Follow:

Monday is the best day of the week to break the bad news. Sunday comes in a close second.

The worst way to break up with someone is to send an e-mail to the person at work or deliver the news through a friend or family member.

Breaking up with someone through e-mail or phone while they are at work is worse than doing the same thing while they are at home.

Get your act together before Valentine's Day. And it is best to avoid breaking up on his or her birthday.

Dumped Already? Some Common Ways People Get Over a Breakup:

The No. 1 way to take one's mind off the breakup is to get immersed in work (76 percent are very likely or will definitely do this).

Going online to check out new dating partners is another popular therapy.

Go on vacation (50 percent are very likely or will definitely do this).

Try to rewrite history and cut one's ex out of all one's photos.

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