Cicadas for Dinner

3. "Emergence" toast with hummus and cicada emerging

Grilled Cicadas

Preheat grill to low heat. Mix olive oil, minced rosemary and garlic in small bowl. Drizzle over cicadas. Grill until dry and crunchy. Serve with salsa or other dip

Variation: Cicada-Bobs

Skewer pineapple, tomato and cicada on wooden skewers. Brush with olive oil and grill over low heat until cicadas are dry and fruit has grill marks.

Cicada Tempura

1 egg

1 cup flour

1 cup ice water

Blanched cicadas

Heat oil in deep fryer to 340 degrees F. Whisk egg in a medium bowl. Add ice water and whisk until combined. Add flour and mix very roughly. Lumps are good. Dredge cicada in flour and dip into batter. Fry two to four minutes until batter is lightly browned.

Cicada Nori Roll

Prepare sushi rice according to package directions. Lay toasted nori sheet on bamboo rolling mat. Spread rice evenly over nori. Smear with wasabi and layer with carrot or cucumber). Arrange cooked cicada so head peeks out one end of the roll. Roll nori around rice around filling. Serve with soy, wasabi and pickled ginger

All Recipes Courtesy of Marilyn Pocius, Author, "Cook's Guide to Chicago."

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