Siblings Killed Family for Money, Cops Say

An Indiana brother and sister allegedly killed their mother after she refused to join them in a plot to kill their grandparents for their money, and then they allegedly went ahead and killed the elderly couple, a prosecutor said today.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said Kenneth Allen Jr., 29, and his sister, Kari Allen, 18, of Noblesville, were both charged with three counts of murder, along with conspiracy and robbery charges.

Kari Allen "may not have directly participated" in physically killing her relatives, but she "acted as a lookout," the prosecutor said.

The siblings were being held in Missouri, where they were arrested after their behavior during a traffic stop made police suspicious. Officers said they found bloody clothes and other evidence in the car.

Under questioning by Missouri police, the two confessed Tuesday to killing their mother and grandparents in late December and early January, police said. The brother and sister allegedly told police they entombed the bodies in concrete in the grandparents' home on the east side of Indianapolis.

On Tuesday, police began a search for the bodies of Sharon Allen, 53, of Noblesville; Leander Bradley, 91; and Betty Bradley, 75.

Early today, they found what they believed to be human remains in recently poured concrete in the basement floor, police said. Authorities then enlisted a University of Indianapolis anthropologist to examine the scene.

Investigators believe the siblings killed Sharon Allen in her Noblesville apartment on or about Dec. 30, Brizzi told ABC News affiliate WRTV in Indianapolis.

"They approached their mother, and they had a conversation about killing the grandparents. She refused, [and] she was knifed to death up in Noblesville," Brizzi said. "They then sometime later summoned the grandmother to that same home in Noblesville and smothered her to death with a plastic bag."

Brizzi said investigators believe the siblings went to the Bradleys' house on Jan. 3 and killed Leander Bradley with a hammer.

Investigators believe the motive for the slayings was financial, Brizzi said.

Authorities in St. Charles County, Mo., said Kenneth Allen and Kari Allen confessed to the killings after an officer pulled their rental car over for speeding Tuesday morning on Interstate 70 just west of St. Louis.

Police said the siblings were acting nervous and gave conflicting answers as to where they were going and why, county Sheriff Tim Swope said.

An officer searched the trunk and found jewelry, credit cards, more than $1,000 in cash, bloody sheets and pillows, and identification belonging to Leander and Betty Bradley, he said.

Missouri authorities contacted Indianapolis police, who searched the couple's home and found what they believed to be recently poured concrete in the basement. When Missouri authorities told Kari Allen about the concrete, she confessed, Swope said.

"Without even asking, she came out and said, 'I'm sorry, we killed my mom and my grandparents and buried them in the basement,' " said Swope, who added that Kenneth Allen confessed to the slayings later.

The Allen siblings were being held today in Missouri.

Neighbors Saw Odd Activity

People who live near the Bradleys' home said they haven't seen the couple in weeks. One neighbor, Doug David, said he believes he saw the grandchildren there around Christmas.

"The grandson got a portable electric jackhammer out of the car and took it in," David said. "What I thought was the granddaughter came running back out and grabbed a couple of 5-gallon buckets with shovels in them."

David and other neighbors said they saw what they considered odd activity at the house recently.

"The whole neighborhood did," neighbor Merlin Andrews said. "We all thought, 'We should call them, just in case' ... and nobody did."