Dad Has Emotional Reunion With Daughter While 'Abducted' Mom Stays in Jail

Rakoczy said the worst part of the entire ordeal was considering the possibility that he may never have seen his daughter again.

"When something like this happens, you never know if you're going to hear that voice again," he said. "I was just absolutely elated to hear that voice again."

Julia is the younger of his two children with Sweeten. Their other daughter, Paige, is 15. Rakoczy said he would like for Julia to eventually be able to go back to her old life with her mother, once Sweeten gets some help.

"I would never do anything to not let these kids be in her life like they were before," he said.

Domestic, Financial Problems Behind Disappearance?

Michelle Henry, the district attorney in Bucks County, Pa., where Sweeten lives with her second husband, Larry Sweeten, and her three children, said Sweeten's initial description of her attackers has not sat well with some people.

Law enforcement officials knew very early on that some suspicious details just didn't add up. Their hunch was bolstered when Sweeten's SUV was found with no evidence of damage.

As for a motive, Henry said investigators are still trying to piece together the entire story.

"We do believe it could have been domestic problems with her husband as well as financial problems," she said.

The priority all along, Henry said, was making sure that 9-year-old Julia was safe and returned to her family.

"This is a case that's unusual in a sense that she makes this very serious report of kidnapping," Henry said, noting that the hunt for Sweeten and her daughter involved everyone from FBI to Disney World security. "Because of that it does have some bizarre twists."

In all, Sweeten made seven calls to 911 claiming that both she and her daughter had been struck by another car before being put into the trunk.

She also placed a call her to her husband cell phone and left a tearful voicemail, describing the carjacking and how she feared for her life. On the message she told her husband she loved him and asked him to tell the children she loved them if she didn't see them again.

Larry Sweeten said he's in shock.

"This has taken me by quite a surprise," he said. "I just want her to know she has tons of support."

Her employer told "Good Morning America" that Sweeten had seemed to come unhinged in recent days.

Police Skeptical of Abduction Tale From the Beginning

According to court documents, Sweeten used former co-worker Jillian Jenkinson's driver's license when she bought airline tickets to Orlando after reporting the abduction. She obtained the license on Tuesday by telling Jenkinson that she needed to photocopy it in order to roll over Jenkinson's 401(k) account. Jenkinson expected to get her license back later that day.

As the investigation developed, investigators became increasingly skeptical of her abduction tale, which was told against the backdrop of a probe into Sweeten's alleged involvement in the theft of about $300,000 from her former employer, an attorney in Upper Makefield Township, sources close to the investigation told ABC News.

One of the first pieces of information that called her version of events into doubt was the fact that cell phone records indicated that her frantic call to 911 dispatchers reporting her kidnapping in Bucks County originated from a location in Philadelphia's Center City neighborhood, and not from a suburb 25 miles away where she lived.

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