19th Century Best-Of Lists

… by Keith:
Wilhelm Meister
Wandering Jew
Jane Eyre
Quo Vadis

… by Hemphill (only listed eight):
John Lothrop Motley: various histories
William Hickling Prescott: various histories
George Bancroft: The History of the United States
Charles Lamb: essays
Thomas Babington: essays
Thomas Carlyle: essays
Sir Walter Scott: novels

… by Murdock:
Martineau: Seat of Authority in Religion
Hegel: Logic
Savigney: System of Roman Law
Carlyle: Past and Present
Smith: Wealth of Nations
Mahan: Influence of Sea Power in History

… by Voorsanger:
Gibbon: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Ranke: Universal History
Von Doellinger: Heidenthum und Judenthum
Spencer: Principles of Sociology
Max Mueller: Chips from a German Workshop
The Encyclopaedia Britannica
Thomas Carlyle: Frederick the Great

… by Nichols (chose none):
“The bibliography of the century is too vast and time too short to attempt to tabulate the ten greatest books.”

The Three Greatest Events of the 19th Century

San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, Janurary 6, 1901 —

“the starting of the first passenger train propelled by steam”
“the laying of the Atlantic cable”
“the opening of the Suez canal”

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