What the FISA Review Court Ruling Means

At a press conference on the FISA Court of Review opinion, he was asked about the "proposal to create a domestic spying agency." Referring to the FISA ruling that allows more sharing of information between law enforcement and the intelligence community, he said that "frankly, that advances a theme, because we've felt that we need better integration, better communication, cooperation, collaboration, between our law enforcement and intelligence communities. ...

"It seems to me that the establishment of a separate, distinct agency would be to move in the other direction, instead of to integrate and cooperate and communicate ? And so, it would be a surprise to me to have it seriously considered ... [that our efforts] would somehow now be abandoned and that there would be some reversion to a segregated approach where we have this other agency that would be distinct and outside this relatively active now, flowing stream of information and cooperation which has been developed in response to the terrorism which was so damaging to America on September the 11th last year."

Beverley Lumpkin has covered the Justice Department for 16 years for ABCNEWS. Halls of Justice appears every Saturday.

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