Pakistan Convinced by U.S. Case

Gen. Mohammad Fahim, the military commander of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance rebel forces, told Reuters that contrary to published reports, the United States has not been providing any aid to his forces, and that he does not know the strategy behind U.S. military plans. And according to a report today in the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Russia is ready to supply the Northern Alliance with as much as $45 million in military equipment

British journalist Yvonne Ridley will be put on trial by the Taliban for entering the country illegally. Quoting the Afghan Islamic Press, Reuters said the Taliban is also trying to determine if "she is really a journalist or she had some other intentions."

Reagan National Airport in Washington is open today for the first time since Sept. 11. Officials say flights will be limited and armed air marshals will be stationed on all planes. The airport reopened with shuttle flights to New York and Boston.

Bush will be meeting Mexican President Vicente Fox in a show of Mexico's support of the United States' campaign against terrorism. Bush also expects to meet with Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the emir of Qatar.

Richard Haass, director of policy planning for the State Department, plans to meet with ex-Afghan King Zahir Shah. Zahir Shah, 86, has been living in exile in Rome since 1973 when he was toppled in a coup by his cousin Sardar Muhammad Daoud, and is seen as a potential unifying force if the Taliban is forced out of power.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said today the Centers for Disease Control has confirmed a case of anthrax in Florida but said it is an isolated case, not contagious, and so far there was no evidence of terrorism.

At the site of the World Trade Center attack, the casualty toll stands at 4,986 missing, with an additional 380 confirmed dead, 321 of whom have been identified. At the Pentagon, 189 people are dead or missing, with remains of 101 of them identified.

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