Suicide Claims Sept. 11 Widow

A Trade Center widow took her own life; the pilot of the plane than hit the Pentagon is buried; there's a security deal with Canada; Berkeley, Calif., is offering draft advice, just in case; Area 51 guards want more money; and a $500 reward has been offered to catch a Pennsylvania flag burner.

Widow of Trade Center Victim Kills Self

S T R O U D S B U R G, Pa., Dec. 13 — A 51-year-old woman whose friends say had been depressed since her husband died in the collapse of the World Trade Center committed suicide this week, authorities said today.

Pat Flounders, 51, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at her home Monday, Monroe County Coroner Dave Thomas said. Her body was found by a friend.

Her husband, Joe Flounders, 46, worked for Euro Brokers Inc. on the 84th floor of trade center's South Tower, the second skyscraper struck by hijackers Sept. 11.

Pat Flounders had said she was at home watching television when she saw a jet hit the North Tower. She called her husband and told him to leave, but was later told by one of her husband's colleagues that he stayed behind to assist a co-worker who went into shock.

"She was so distraught. She just lost her will to live, she lost hope," said Kelly Lewis, who helped Pat Flounders gather personal documents after her husband's death.

Flounders was also in poor health and was recovering from surgery in which she had a pacemaker implanted, Lewis said. She refused the offers of free counseling that were made to families of Trade Center victims.

The couple had moved to Monroe County from New York three years ago.

Pat Flounders held a memorial for her husband last week in New York, which was attended by friends and former co-workers, but she remained despondent.

Her husband's death "was just so hard for her; he was taking care of her, he took care of all the financial matters," Lewis said. "He was only a few years from retirement and they were really looking forward to it."

— The Associated Press

Pilot of Pentagon Jet Buried in Arlington

A R L I N G T O N, Va., Dec. 13 — The pilot of the plane terrorist hijackers crashed into the Pentagon is now buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Charles Frank Burlingame III, known as "Chic," was regarded as a gifted aviator.

At the funeral today, Navy Vice Adm. Timothy Keating said his Naval Academy classmate "could make the jets talk."

The former Navy pilot and 17-year Navy Reservist was 51 when he died.

He was initially denied his own grave at Arlington because he died before age 60, the eligibility age for reservists.

Sen. George Allen of Virginia had asked President Bush to grant an exemption.

Burlingame received a funeral with full Navy honors, and was buried near his parents' grave.

— The Associated Press

Security Deal Cut With Canada

T O R O N T O, Dec. 12 — U.S. and Canadian officials agreed today on a border action plan that calls for increasing security while speeding the flow of commerce at key crossings to protect the world's largest trade partnership.

The plan was endorsed today to conclude two days of talks in Ottawa led by U.S. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley.

It includes some steps already taken by both countries and new measures in a coordinated effort to improve border safety after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. It also focuses on preventing traffic jams and other delays at the border to maintain trade worth more than $1 billion a day.

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