Susan Powell Home Videos Show Her With Josh, Steven Powell Before Disappearance


Susan Powell Home Videos Released

The videos and songs, which the Powells have had since Susan disappeared in 2009, have never been seen by the public before. Josh Powell, when he was alive, rarely engaged with the media to tell his side of the story.

"We've been wanting to do this stuff forever, but Josh didn't want to do anything with the media at all," she said. "He was very wary of it, especially after the kids were taken. He was very wary of giving [child protective services] any stupid reason to not give the kids back, no matter how legally-invalid that reason, but I told him, 'They're going to invent a reason to not give your kids back, regardless. You need to get this out there, get the truth out there.'"

Criticism of the website is bound to come, Alina Powell acknowledged, but for those interested in hearing both sides of the harrowing tale of Susan's disappearance and the ensuing feud between families and investigators, this site will offer a glimpse into the Powell's home life before December 2009.

"We'll just have to persevere, basically. Our voice does really need to get out there, and the website will allow people to overcome some of the misinformation and lies being spread," she said.

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