Utah Teachers Flock to Gun Training


Teachers Flock to Gun Training Class

The gun rights advocacy group insists that teachers are the first responders and last line of defense in the critical first minutes of a situation when law enforcement is still on their way.

"Law enforcement show up with lots of weapons, lots of manpower, lots of equipment. The only problem is you can't make up for being there too late with more guns," Aposhian said. "You can mitigate the situation by having even one gun there at the right time in the hands of people who actually are responding first, which would be the teachers, the principals, the staff and the faculty."

The group insists that they are not arming teachers or suggesting they take to the hallways in search for the shooter. They expect educators to follow school lockdown procedures and insist the use of a weapon would be a last resort to protect themselves and their students.

Aposhian said he recognizes that there are many options for dealing with the problem of school shootings, but he believes that arming adults in schools is a necessary component of any viable option.

"You could put armed guards in the school if that's an option, but the option of responding to an active shooter by hiding behind a desk? That is clearly not a good option anymore," he said.

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