15 Chihuahuas Abandoned at Humane Society

Officials discuss options available to owners to help car for their dogs.
1:49 | 03/02/13

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Transcript for 15 Chihuahuas Abandoned at Humane Society
Maybe you recognize this face or this one or any of fifteen small to Wallace now sheltered at the Pasadena humane society. Staff members found the -- caged in these three wire crates left in front of the humane society's administration building. Never have so many been dumped here like this. Usually it's someone is going to abandon an animal it they'll do it -- one animal. On to have fifteen is that it was a lot of animals at any time. Abandoning a dog is a misdemeanor that can lead to a fine and as much as one year in jail. As -- who the offender might be there are a few clues a blanket in one -- is MoneyGram with the name Mike. Then there is this surveillance video showing a white truck with a cage visible the back pulling up to the building at 5:30 this morning. Such a shame says Ricky Whitman the humane society offers many support services that -- helped the owner. We offered Shalala spay -- for afraid at no charge. If you live in our service area we have food banks for animals if you're having difficulty feeding your animal. -- -- -- kids should get an idea like with the movie Beverly Hills while in 2008 Hollywood helped popularize the breed but the recession hit hard. Whitman says in the last few years thirty to 45% of the shelter dogs here have been -- -- was some of the females dubbed today appear to have been bred. All of the animals had not been spayed or neutered so we can -- -- -- that it's probably from a backyard crater. If you know anything about these dogs -- -- asked to call the Pasadena humane society at 6267927151. Extension 102. And if you need a new best friend. These guys will be up for adoption as soon as they get a clean bill -- help Miriam Hernandez ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18636555,"title":"15 Chihuahuas Abandoned at Humane Society","duration":"1:49","description":"Officials discuss options available to owners to help car for their dogs.","url":"/US/video/15-chihuahuas-abandoned-humane-society-18636555","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}