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Arizona Man Set Ablaze in Alleged Gas Heist

The suspected thief's driverless vehicle also crashed into a nearby home.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Arizona Man Set Ablaze in Alleged Gas Heist
This is where it all started the thief was siphoning gas in this neighborhood from a black truck something sparked a fire he jumped in his truck and drove off. It was -- -- a security camera down the street even in the final seconds when the burning truck crashed into this garage. He wasn't bad shape the video shows the story the neighbors are telling it. He was tightening apps that -- AA jumped out while I was. The man you see here rolling on the ground is trying to put out the flames consuming -- sure to investigators say it's his own fault -- He was trying to steal gasoline. -- unit with this motorized -- it was all -- -- dramas the neighbor who actually chased after the people on fire. Even though he didn't catch the crook his camera -- the crime agency and a guy on my video surveillance you can see the thief jumped. Out of the burning truck and take off. The driver whose vehicle -- crashes into another home torching the garage and he gets up and runs off. And mesa police caught the suspected -- he is in the hospital tonight but Katie they say he is expected to -- through.

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{"id":17617397,"title":"Arizona Man Set Ablaze in Alleged Gas Heist","duration":"3:00","description":"The suspected thief's driverless vehicle also crashed into a nearby home.","section":"US","mediaType":"Default"}