Bill O'Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess comes forward

Burgess discussed the allegations of harassment against O'Reilly and her decision to go public.
9:39 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Bill O'Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess comes forward
May have been the final nail in the coffin of Belo Riley's career at Fox News and she's speaking out for the first time on live TV about. Her sexual and racial. Progress made allegations please welcome from Quito Burgess and her attorney Lisa but I. I wanna I want to ask you. You'll working as attempt when they sent you over to fox yet. What happens I think it was to us concise because we wanna get everything again so what happens it's. I was working at fox temporarily and I was working a colleague of mr. Reilly's and when I worked there you know. Everything's fine. Within like the first week and a half of me working there he Walt. You always walk past my death. And he made like a grunting noise which. United. News and it didn't like that yet. And did when he made it always Friday just yeah I thought maybe a muscle spasms. Acid reflux. But as time went on and I noticed. Every time. He walked past my death is no one was around some. He would make that. And I was plagued OK. He wasn't speaking to meet with like you say hi everyone else that had to me west that. So. You know I do is to get as. You know in I think it's embarrassing yet it is embarrassing so I got to a point where I'd just did not look at him. Fast forward to. Maybe 34 weeks then can we or an elevator alone. I'm coming up TARP floor and he let me offer says Jones me usually do with a woman. And you know I walked in front of them and as I was getting off the elevator he says looking good there girl. And their shares rose on the back of my neck because. I knew the grunting and groaning with going on we were in the elevator. He didn't speak then he waits until I get off the elevator and as I'm walking in front of him makes these remarks. So after that I was all and the defense. Couple I don't even and Smith a couple weeks later I. Am sitting at my desk. And he would always come around my desk leer at me look me up and down I can. Do you feel like he's looking at my cleavage yes they are making me uncomfortable he had no reason to be near my desk at off. And I just stopped looking at him. Paying him any attention because it may feel comfortable Blake street harassment in the office. When when it's hot chocolate coming out until one day he walked past my dad's I remember it was like after lunch whatever went down stairs and the plaza and you know just sitting there minding my business. And he walks hats and says hey hot chocolate. But he didn't look at me when he sent it. And I was like I did is I didn't respond. I was mortified. Because not only did it go wasn't sexual. I took that as a very plantation home LaMarcus. You know I've been around a phrase but whatever but. Such a blatant it's person. With such a high profile home making you feel uncomfortable but then not at not acknowledging even acknowledging me. Particular when this happened did you report any event to anyone within fox sir at the temp agency here now I told friends and family members I did until. I'm fox because I was an a permanent I mean I was an employee of fox. And I didn't tell my agency because I didn't want to ruin my agencies relation. Ship with. Fox News because they had a lot of people there that's how they you know they Burke and you were vocal about it though on on. Social media 2010. You tweeted I contacted at Fox News for six months a few years ago Bill O'Reilly is a piece of and then in 2014. You say Bill O'Reilly likes black women out leave it at that. So you certainly have this sort of electronic. Trail lease so what does that mean for for her claim. Well it was so important to us and that he had come out and speak out as when she contacted me about we can happen. I asked her do you have an electronic evidence what you have tax anything from time. She had this wonderful Twitter history where as you say since 2010. She's been speaking out about Bill O'Reilly inch when he ten nobody is talking about him and sexual harassment. And she did what a lot of women do she spoke out a little bit she didn't go all the way and face he sexually harassed me but. Saying you know bill all right I'd like to black women I'll leave it at that I think we all understand that needs. What about. Legal action. For Tito like the other two accusers who live represent has not asked for time that was an important part of our legal strategy. To bring him down I wanted all of my accusers to be credible. And not asking for any money I think really boost about the credibility of all of that there was actually harassed dumping deserves some say absent lead into an they actually do Sonny and I agree with you the other problem is in 2008 is when her her claims rose which is beyond the statute of limitations are so she couldn't sue now only if she wanted to. So it's been reported that over the years a rally settled a number of harassment cases totaling thirteen million dollars now during a recent interview Donald Trump. I said that he thought that O Reilly was a good person and it shouldn't have settled unless both and how they feel about those comments. Come. Mortified. That someone that can control. Help people behave in a workplace and violent because it's really workplace violence. And four. The leader of our country to defend it indefensible behavior. By someone who should be Bill O'Reilly should be a leader. Of people at fox he should not. Use his power to intimidate. Women he's. Yeah me. And what traps said. Was I don't think he did anything wrong yeah he can't say I don't think you get. He doesn't think sexual harassment is not he's made that very clear about that cleared the swamp bit by hot ash. In a way that fox is ebitda and a better position than the United States government well haven't figured out. Yeah of the targeted effort by a small group of women including whether accusers parts he'd get me to bring down Bill O'Reilly. We did back this is what women can do if we stick together. Okay. I think you are piling on why did you decide to come out now after nearly ten years. I was tired of reliving a trauma every time I saw what we speak out. And I want it to. Save him over there it to anyone else. I was mortified I did not want to you know I was. Very afraid because I think the skeptics I want the skeptics you know. When you tell your truth it's your truth. It when people question ended its terror it pisses you off. Question to pass a Tucker Carlson had set at one point that when you say to a woman these fees and a pair frightened phrase you look good today. And then hand her hit with a suit can you tell the difference because a lot of people that don't see eat what they season why it's wrong the difference between you look really pretty today. And feeling that you work in an aggressive harassing environment. Someone ponting at main and loaning it will airing. And not speaking to me in it's not just inexcusable but if someone patient compliment that they still teaching at the colleague lord yes no longer a suspect. But it's. You know Fox News. You know they're they're not meaning might or they want me libraries and when I was there so. You know I I felt. You know that I I had CB. You know little more exemplary exemplary. Which I am because this summer compared to 88 and not. And the other thing is he's in a more powerful position and you and so he Esther but those people have to really watch that piece accuse him. Yeah you're walking in front of someone. And someone makes a comment like that. And you can't see where they're looking. But you know. Where they're looking because women out without him we can and I await your I do not myself you know. Don't don't make those comments that don't make those I was so when you when you heard that in effect. Fox was releasing them. Belated happy. Sad that it it took this long to happen. I've felt. Triumphant. From I feel try. Very cathartic yeah very cathartic well. Thank you thank you ladies and they did what needed to be done and they got nuts and I will be right back.

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{"id":46913319,"title":"Bill O'Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess comes forward","duration":"9:39","description":"Burgess discussed the allegations of harassment against O'Reilly and her decision to go public.","url":"/US/video/bill-oreilly-accuser-perquita-burgess-forward-46913319","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}