After: The Boston Marathon Bombings

The latest on the deadly twin bombings that struck the 2013 Boston Marathon.
3:00 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for After: The Boston Marathon Bombings
-- I'm Dan -- -- New York with a special ABC news Yahoo! news live stream after the Boston Marathon bombings. It was supposed to be one of Boston's finest days an age old tradition the Boston Marathon. A day that so many celebrate taking the day off from work and in moments. Tragedy struck. Patriots day in Boston. The 178. Boston Marathon. And then they were wrong on the 26 point two miles from Hopkinton to Copley Square. Then at 2:50 PM just yards from the finish line. Back to back explosions. Police -- as runners spectators scatter the injuries are devastated. Three people were killed including eight year old Martin richer at least 140 are wounded. Eyewitnesses. -- to -- of the scenes of bloodshed and chaos. But little is so the government -- explode. -- -- last fired smoke and I just friends Jessica. Hotels and apartments near the finish line are evacuated. At ten minutes after six President Obama briefed in the White House hours earlier it addresses the nation. We will get to the bottom this and we will find out who did this we'll find out why they that this. Any response any responsible individuals. Any responsible groups. Won't -- -- full weight. Of justice. Overnight the FBI searches of vacant apartment in Revere agents are tipped off about possible explosives. -- seen carrying out brown paper bags and a duffel bag. Now the country the world mourns with Boston as the investigation into who and why carries on. And government leaders and law enforcement spoke to reporters moments ago. More now on the investigation from FBI agent Richard to -- -- assistance from the public remains critical in establishing a timeline of events. Which leads to swift conclusion -- due diligence and strong investigative activity. We commend the public we commend the citizens of Boston -- -- -- citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the information that is from been provided to law enforcement so far. And we strongly encourage that assistance to continue. ABC's -- -- Bradley is in Boston following all the latest developments as an investigation is continuing to -- good morning to you. I'm assuming that the scene is still very active there behind you. Good morning Dan DA is a very active investigation is really interesting this -- here from the FBI officials. To go out and ask the public for assistance because. At this moment then there is still not a suspect in this case -- they are chasing a number of leads talking. To a number of persons of interest including a Saudi man who is a student. That he's not a suspect in the case but they have talked to tie him in there Ross they've also talked to a number of his associates and they're trying to figure out. His connection and involvement in this possibly. What's also -- here Dan this so far no one has stepped forward and claimed responsibility. Federal law enforcement. Usually in these types of events you have -- he had al-Qaeda -- you have they. Come forward and -- Smart enough to -- day. The federal office. About an apartment and -- -- an overnight. It's not clear. Exactly what they found what they did not -- -- the investigation is ongoing. As you can see Dan folks have put on their brave faces they are out and about returning to work. That is what the governor of Massachusetts wants -- what the mayor of Boston wants but there's a -- to a state of alert here and increased police presence we have seen. Humvees patrolling on the streets with the cars and the traffic. There's a number of people how. Making sure that nothing else happens even though officials say that there there are no unexploded bombs and that there is no additional threat here again. Tomorrow have you been able to chit chat to us speak with anyone on the streets on the sidewalk -- -- just trying to as you say go about their day -- -- and trying to to continue on as they're being vigilant about what happened yesterday. Do they have a sense of the under the is able to -- we see that heightened sense of awareness. -- everybody sees it because they're folks. Out in full force -- heavy fog machine guns out here in the streets. -- folks standing just beginning -- process. What happened in this is something that they've never seen in the more than 115 year history. Of this marathon you know it was just a lovely day. There was no threat. To the Boston Marathon to this event. And -- folks here are beginning to comprehend now fortunately the school's. Here are -- their April recess. Is so a lot of the kids are home. And they don't have to -- just to school and potentially. He'd be afraid but death. He's got into a long time Dan before before -- folks here got fully process what has happened then though life returns to normal. Absolutely and and the courtroom remembering those that lost their lives yesterday those. Three victims including that eight year old little boy and the more than 150. That were injured including seventeen at least critically injured to -- Bradley in Boston -- thank you for that. Now to those that were right there -- crossing the finish line as those blasts went off. 78 year old -- afraid was not flat onto the pavement and Rebecca roach who had just crossed the finish line when she heard the explosion. Share their stories. All. So in this stimulus. Blast right next to me and just kind of -- my legs tonight guys knew I was going down. Morris. The black -- -- -- -- -- hours doing. I -- unity golden -- didn't get up right away. But you -- -- Rawlins is in fact I think drove me. Most of my life right under. It was done didn't last long as they hit the ground and. You must have been just a little bit ahead -- -- We cross the finish line then why -- constantly sighing about thirty of sixty seconds prior and the bombs went off. Actually my mom and -- dear friends were injured. And and and then perhaps. How are they doing and they're recovering from surgery. Those two accounts being shared this morning on Good Morning America with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. I want to bring in Lindsey Davis and talk about the victims the survivors and the heroics. From all of those that had helped save lives yesterday Lindsay certainly great degree of heroism was on display. Did and I saw an article this morning that started out simply what she has name and he does it need is eight year old Martin Richard. He lost his life yesterday after his dad had just. Cross the finish line of the marathon he was given his -- -- hug and then he had gone back to stand next to his mother and his little sister and then the explosion happened. His mother's now the hospital with a serious head injury his sister apparently has lost her leg. There was a third sibling that apparently is on injured but this just one of so many stories. Stories of the 145. People at least -- this time injured. Three deaths fifteen people with life threatening injuries as a story -- -- two year old little boy -- currently in the hospital with -- Reason then there's -- story. Brothers and 33 year old and a 31 year old -- -- have lost a lake from the knees down they were apparently standing. Next to that eight year old little boy who lost his life there's such a tragedy all around but it. People still thankful for the first responders. -- were right there fortunately for the past month were able to perhaps saved so many lives -- -- as a thank you for that ABC's Lindsey Davis in Boston a want to bring in now. John -- MacKey photographer from the Boston Globe he was a first hand witness to the aftermath his photos really. Captured the chaos that was happening right there on the ground at the finish line. John thank you for being with us today you are obviously -- experienced photographer you have. Won many awards you've been in the business for thirty years and you've seen a lot of things but I can imagine nothing like yesterday. That's correct. I'm nothing can compare to what I thought as he was it was just incredible to be. The that the chaos that it will bodies lives. Legs blown off people in agony. And I just hope there'd be that opens here again you know I was to be. Happy event we covered every year and would never expect something like this push -- John. -- if you can't walk us through some of the photos that you captured yesterday and I imagine it must have been so difficult to. Be able to focus on what you've seen an -- and and try to process exactly how these events were playing now. And let it happen I was at the finish line in the blast went off right enemies. One of the runners. Blacks to the grounds end I'm it is helped. To his feet and it was very -- complete opposite -- -- Just dumb look. Shocked big you know from -- -- -- Looked around and -- wondering what was going on but. I personally believe it was a exploding economy with a -- -- over. And I was so close to be government closed -- and this being an attorney as -- the bodies. I didn't feel it first what to do I was I was thinking in -- why -- people leave the rest period omitted and I worked my way around -- be in. What true multiplied. They were there is an incredible scene of -- -- -- over a woman who was severely injured and he was we're bringing it here. Old English -- -- there was an openly and wearing an act -- His -- in the -- -- -- -- a bunch of arms to big waves and there was this. You know this is a terrible thing you know -- be -- to be there but I either. And I wanted the world being what was going on film that's -- but what. John act as your witness to this and as you are capturing those pictures have you had a moment yourself to reflect on the the impact. Of what you were witness to. Well on why they do you know out of policy equipment previously it was just like -- don't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- In county inordinately happy memory while. I feel really. Media to photograph. You know -- it was nothing I really do I -- start so many viewers you didn't paramedic when it. I can't document it -- in the -- of the -- For everybody here do. You do get over that there's will be difficult for me and now I'm thinking -- -- -- my court is that he. You know Mike Campbell being the I think it's just one of those things I will as -- group. Have you been back there since yesterday. I don't know what to expect. A I'm open to photograph the runner but he does -- -- immunity. -- -- In -- would -- police in. Who just -- -- you know go back and maybe she was cheap to do I don't I don't expect -- rejected -- Just do my best we don't know what you're thing. And and heavy -- that you were reaching out into this is -- but this is the picture that your refrigerator have you reached out to that runner. Focused a -- night and he was doing okay he injured as glee addict and -- it is at -- -- shrapnel. -- being at Belmont and right -- the but here's mine and he. It's an OK you know I'm just -- it appropriately your idea which is good to see him one out of -- happening with -- -- -- From wallet count you know being in. -- -- their. Did he did he talk about the fact that when you actually see. The picture and then. Juxtapose that with the actual experience that there -- some kind of disconnect that that he couldn't believe in fact that that was him. I'm meeting of the -- but he talked about the experience the -- exposure. And he belt beyond the blast one knock them down and make -- complete it Regis collapsed on the ground. And I think he was in shock I think you selling arms. -- has -- with the police that they they didn't know what they're expecting it hadn't done one. People -- being don't like use -- And I think he was this the middle. It was the united -- and on the finish line which was you know this being paid away he just walked straight for the finish on. Was -- was her moment that you -- concerned about your own safety just because of the sheer chaos that was happening in those quick moments. The the total to moments where it was when I was in the middle of all the people being helped city police officers in these days. You gotta get out of here it -- be another explosion. And -- -- OK I'm thinking to myself but I shooting. Every it was running away. And the second moment was when I had to go about it might do which -- a unique photo page. And I had negotiated -- there's been -- photos are believed in the race. And I noticed that buffalo compact track and I panicked my I think -- Okay. Is that a bomb I might write like product it is music Burnett has on everybody to -- -- about how to bridge there was concern about other people think that there. John thank thank you so much for being with us John -- -- with the Boston Globe and capturing some of those raw and very powerful images. From yesterday again the very latest from the FBI to explosive devices yesterday just before 3 o'clock near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. As a result three people were killed including the youngest victim. Eight year old Martin Richards and of those injured more than a 176. And has the FBI did note in there. Can in their -- briefing this morning that they are. They did conduct a search at an apartment in Revere. That there were two explosions in fact and only two explosions there were reports there had been other unexploded devices the FB IS in that in fact was not the case. And the police saying that there were small portable bombs. Obviously only adding to the chaos and the confusion. Of course stay with For the very latest on the investigation we'll have the latest developments live as they happen. For now I'm down -- clear in New York.

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